Why Digital Enterprises fail!

Most of the enterprises in the world have been making significant efforts to become Digital Enterprises. Due to the convergence of Information, Communication & Collaboration and Operational Technologies and their availability at affordable prices, there has been a significant shift in the needs, aspirations and attitudes of customers.


Unless enterprises change the very DNA of their whole business, their survival will be at stake. Hence every Enterprise has to become a Digital Enterprise, but …the LEAN way!

LEAN was invented many decades back and many industries in the world have best leveraged LEAN to offer excellent value to customers and also brought superior operational excellence. Unfortunately LEAN philosophy was introduced in the hitherto “partially connected world” and was designed for CONVENTIONAL enterprises. Hence LEAN philosophy, methods, tools, which have worked very well for conventional enterprises, may not work effectively for Digital Enterprises of the hyper-connected world of today!

‘LEAN’ philosophy itself is not SUFFICIENT for Digital Enterprises. Lean philosophy has to be contextualized, and tailored to suit to Digital Enterprises of the modern day, and need an entirely new management philosophy, which is different and more effective than LEAN.

BT&BT has invented LEAN DIGITAL TM – a new management philosophy that will positively change business dynamics in this decade.

Digital Enterprises will inevitably fail if they do not go LEAN DIGITAL.