The emergence of Digital Enterprises in the Hyper Connected World

Dear Friends, In the good old days, a CEO’s top priorities had normally something to do with Market Forces, Regulatory Concerns, Social-Economic factors, skills/talent etc. TECHNOLOGY was rarely on the priority list.

But in the last 2- 3 years, this TECHNOLOGY buzzword has caused nothing short of insomnia to many a CEO. The impact of emerging technologies on business has impacted on their very sleep. No more counting sheep, but counting the days for those who dare to ignore the demands of a hyper-connected world!

The Internet has redefines many a boundary in business processes and customer relationships and corporates like Kodak, Blockbuster, Boarders, Circuit City, Readers Digest and many others who were not aligned to these changes, first lost their pace and then lost their place in the market place.

We are all citizens of a HYPER CONNECTED WORLD today. Information, Communication & Collaboration, and Operational Technologies are significantly impacting the whole BUSINESS lifecycle. These technologies together (namely IT, CT and OT) are called Digital Technologies.

CEOs who are at the leading edge realize that Technology is no more an enabler, but the Driver for their businesses. Now you know what Priority No.1 is!

Without re-aligning their products, services, processes, their very culture, their structure, skills, and leveraging Digital Technologies like Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud, IOT, Sensor Networks, AI etc., tomorrow, for them, may never come!

Every Enterprise today, if future-ready, can only be called a Digital Enterprise. Do we have a choice? I personally do not think so!

What do you think?