Lean Digital – The 21st Century Management Philosophy

In today’s Hyper Connected World, every enterprise has to be Digital Enterprise and Every Digital Enterprise must be Lean.. The era of Lean Digital Enterprises has begun

The management philosophies built till now have well supported the conventional enterprises. But LEAN DIGITAL ENTERPRISES must embrace a new management philosophy to create strong belief system, work ethic and environment which is very relevant for today’s digital businesses

BT&BT has devised a new management philosophy which every leader and organization must understand, implement and practice to nurture LEAN DIGTAL ENTERPRISES

The 12 Lean Digital Management Principles are mentioned below

  • Design & Deliver SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE to Customers with Emotional Engagement
  • Establish DO IT YOURSELVES (DIY) ecosystem by enabling Work & providing Information from ANYWHERE, ANY TIME using ANY DEVICE
  • Promote REAL TIME COLLABORATIVE Execution, Innovation & Learning among different departments, functions, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders
  • Embrace the attitude of CHANGE IS CONSTANT & INSTANT and introduce INCREMENTAL Changes
  • Safeguard PRIVACY, SAFETY & SECURITY of workers, supervisors customers, employees & others
  • Build LEAN DIGITAL CULTURE in Businesses with human touch and emotional connect
  • Build FUTURE PROOF & FUTURE READY Enterprises, which create Better Today & Better Tomorrow for various stakeholders
  • Design & Develop SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE Products, Services & Business Value Chain
  • Optimize HUMAN INTERVENTIONS with Digital Workflows & Operations
  • Continuously Nurture Leadership & Talent to drive LEAN DIGITAL Businesses
  • PREDICT & IMPROVE Business Performance using Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive INSIGHT
  • Identify & Eliminate NON VALUE ADDING Activities in Digital Businesses