Construction 4.0 – The Next Generation in Construction

The Construction industry has evolved for many decades and moved from one generation to next with improvements in processes, practices, capabilities and value. We are now in the era of CONSTRUCTION 4.0TM – something very different that requires a new leadership style, governance, and culture. Construction 4.0TM is a TURNING POINT for the construction industry, harnessing which people, governments and industry stand to gain phenomenal benefits.

Construction 4.0TM is the next generation construction paradigm conceptualized by BT&BT Management Consultancy, India.

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the construction industry in the last 100+ years.


While the developed countries have already implemented Construction 3.0, most of the emerging countries like Sri Lanka, and India are still in the era of Construction 2.0.

It is our view that there is no need for emerging countries to embrace construction 3.0 now, and they could directly start implementing Construction 4.0 by skipping one generation. For example many emerging economies/countries skipped the landline telephone generation by directly embracing mobile phone revolution.

Construction 4.0 will revolutionize the Construction industry globally and bring unimaginable benefits to different stakeholders.