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The era of Conventional Construction Project Management is over.

Construction Industry has been contributing significantly to the growth of the economy in different countries. Unfortunately the construction industry in general is in great trouble, and faces mammoth challenges. In the next 5+ years, construction will experience a global boost and the present expertise, competencies and skill are bound to fall short, in this emerging […]

Construction 4.0 – The Next Generation in Construction

The Construction industry has evolved for many decades and moved from one generation to next with improvements in processes, practices, capabilities and value. We are now in the era of CONSTRUCTION 4.0TM – something very different that requires a new leadership style, governance, and culture. Construction 4.0TM is a TURNING POINT for the construction industry, […]

The emergence of Digital Enterprises in the Hyper Connected World

Dear Friends, In the good old days, a CEO’s top priorities had normally something to do with Market Forces, Regulatory Concerns, Social-Economic factors, skills/talent etc. TECHNOLOGY was rarely on the priority list. But in the last 2- 3 years, this TECHNOLOGY buzzword has caused nothing short of insomnia to many a CEO. The impact of […]

Why Digital Enterprises fail!

Most of the enterprises in the world have been making significant efforts to become Digital Enterprises. Due to the convergence of Information, Communication & Collaboration and Operational Technologies and their availability at affordable prices, there has been a significant shift in the needs, aspirations and attitudes of customers.   Unless enterprises change the very DNA […]

Lean Digital – The 21st Century Management Philosophy

In today’s Hyper Connected World, every enterprise has to be Digital Enterprise and Every Digital Enterprise must be Lean.. The era of Lean Digital Enterprises has begun The management philosophies built till now have well supported the conventional enterprises. But LEAN DIGITAL ENTERPRISES must embrace a new management philosophy to create strong belief system, work […]